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Our Programs Are Helping To Build, Bond And Transform Families. We’re Achieving This Through Outreach, Education And Improved Home Ownership In Our Communities.

Through a variety of programs, Shelton-Reid, Inc. is touching and transforming the lives of families in the Avondale community and throughout Cincinnati. Our current programs are listed below. Please take the time to click the button to learn more.

Summer Enrichment Program

The Zion Summer Enrichment Program (ZSEP) provides intensive certified tutoring in math and reading, career awareness and Biblical truths for students in the 4th-7th grades. This program has become a very sought after prize for kids entering the 4th-7th grades because of it’s success. Students report after attending this summer program improved grades upon returning to school in the fall. This is a six-week program that starts in early June. For more information or to […]

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After School Bible Study

After School Bible Study is a completely voluntary after school program, which introduces South Avondale elementary school children and their parents to God’s plans for living. Founded in 2005 by Pastors Hal and Deb McIntosh of Mosaic Vineyard Church of Avondale. They meet each Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. with about 85 people currently in attendance. A free hot meal is provided at the conclusion of the study. For more information or to get […]

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Community Breakfast Program

The Community Breakfast Program offers a free, hot breakfast every Sunday morning at Zion Baptist Church in the Avondale community for the poor and working class people in the community. The breakfast starts at 8:00 A.M. Afterwards attendees are invited to stay for Sunday school helping to involve them and their families in creating a new life based on Christian ideals. For more information or to get involved with the Community Breakfast program contact Earl […]

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Effective Parenting Seminars

As parents, we don’t always have all the answers. After all, kids don’t come with instruction manuals and raising children in these challenging times is difficult. That’s why Shelton-Reid, Inc. is helping to partner parents in Avondale and throughout all Cincinnati communities with parenting partners, resources, classes and programs. We want to help you become a better parent, through every challenge that you’ll face with your children. For more information or to get involved with […]

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Personal Finance Management Seminars

Personal financial management is a basic concern of every household. It requires proper planning, organization and control of finances. We partner with organizations to help provide guidance to individuals and families helping them achieve financial success. NOAH’s workshop “Financial Freedom” teaches individuals how to understand their credit score, repair credit, create a spending plan, and how to stop living from pay check to pay check. Contact Jennifer Valentine at 513-761-6624 for more details. The interactive […]

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